Pin Grading Policy

"There's no such thing as a perfect pin."
                                                                               - Me.

Enamel pins are beautiful handmade art pieces, and as with all handmade items these present natural and slight flaws that occur during the production process, thus it's impossible to have a 100% perfect pin.

Please read carefully this grading guide before placing an order.

A Grade = Minor flaws only seen upon extremely close inspection.
May exhibit minor imperfections such as:

- Few light scuffs and scratches on plating
- Tiny bumps and dents on plating

- Tiny pores in glitter areas
- Tiny dust specks in enamel and glitter areas
- Tiny low-fill enamel areas
- Slightly misaligned screen printing
- Slightly thicker metal outlines

B Grade = Noticeable flaws visible at first glance, but still perfectly cute!
May exhibit more visible imperfections such as:

- Multiple large scuffs and scratches on plating
- Multiple bumps and dents on plating

- Multiple pores in glitter areas
- Multiple dust specks in enamel and glitter areas
- Low-fill enamel on larger areas
- Missing enamel areas
- Missing or badly printed screen printing
- Enamel miscolouring

- Wrong enamel fill colors
- Badly dyed or plated
- Moving/wiggly posts

If it isn't specified wether a pin is A or B grade, it's because A grade is the only one available at the moment. B grades are usually available once the A grades sold out.